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If you’re having issues with a personal computer, tablet or mobile device, we are here to help. We’re familiar with a wide variety of device models and operating systems...

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We offer an economical and effective option for maintaining your resort property technology so that it is available without hassles...

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Remote Access Security Systems

Knowing that your home or business is being monitored properly can provide you peace of mind. We install both indoor and outdoor home surveillance components...

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Knowing that your home or business is being monitored properly can provide you peace of mind. We install both indoor and outdoor home surveillance components in order to protect every part of your home or office. Pricing for home surveillance systems is dependent on the type of system and the complexity of the installation in your space. Neal Bepko Technology Systems will conduct your initial consultation and provide a quote free of charge.

Surveillance System Features

Commercial Grade Surveillance Systems
To cover separate building or large geographical areas.

Remote viewing from anywhere
See what your security cameras see anytime you want using remote connectivity apps. Stay connected and check on your home from virtually anywhere in the world with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Push notifications and email alerts for motion triggered events will add a further level of security for you and your family.

Weatherproof Home Security
Our outdoor surveillance solutions have an IP66 environmental rating. This rating indicates their suitability for installation in all types of outdoor environments. They are designed to overcome the obstacles of outside world and are tested to withstand harsh climates. Whether it is violent winds, torrential downpours or complete snowstorms, our outdoor security camera solutions can withstand what Mother Nature dishes out.

Night Vision
The importance of having a security camera that can keep a watchful eye on your property in low-light and no night conditions can’t be stressed enough. The darkness of night provides extra cover for possible intrusions and theft, so our surveillance solutions deliver night-vision capability to customers. Keep your property and your family safe every night with a night vision security camera solution.

Motion Detection Security
Don’t let potential intruders close to your home and ensure the most reaction time possible with motion detection. Program your DVR or NVR to alert you (or start recording) when it senses moving pixels from the camera’s sensor. Configure your recorder with the amount of moving pixels needed to trigger the motion detection. This ensures that something small like a squirrel running across the screen won’t trigger the detection every few minutes. You can also set specific zones to monitor, so you won’t be alerted to things like rustling trees in the top part of the screen.

* Offer requires a Site Suitability Review by Neal Bepko Technology Systems; Site must present no complex cabling work; Site must have acceptable mounting areas for cameras; Site must have suitable and accessible placement for Recording Device; Monitor Not Included in Offer; Site must have working Internet Connection for mobile access and open port to external application traffic; Local Network required for local access.

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